Founded in the 1990's because of serious concerns about the plight of animals on
the northcoast of Jamaica, THE ANIMAL HOUSE JAMAICA has been helping
stray, injured, abandoned, and feral (wild) animals and their owners for more than six years. We provide food, shelter, medical
care (including spay and neuter), and
adoptive services to both animals and
owners in need.

is a non-profit, non-government organization that
now operates a shelter in Lydford, St. Ann
(just outside of Ocho Rios. The public
is welcome (by appointment) to visit the many cats and dogs available for adoption to good homes. Please call for an appointment or if
you wish to make a donation to help the animals




c/o P.O.Box 775
Ocho Rios
Jamaica WI





People and families who have healthy relationships with their pets are usually happier, healthier and live longer. Children who learn how to nurture and care for their pets, also learn to care for other people as they grow older. Animals provide improved self-esteem and cognitive development.

Animals cannot tell us in their language when they are happy or unhappy, hungry, hurt or sick. So it is up to we humans to understand their needs. Animals need to be treated with care and respect

Unfortunately, many people do not understand what proper care of an animal really means, and many others cannot afford to care properly for their pets. Jamaican people commonly witness cruel treatment of animals, and over the generations some have even come to think that it is normal and okay. Research shows us that young people who mistreat animals are more likely to become violent as adults and violence hurts our society.

Meanwhile, the animals suffer in silence. We see it daily - Animals trapped in cycles of neglect and abuse - chained - sick - starving -beaten -stoned - cursed -chopped and spirits broken. Uncared for - and unloved, fighting to stay alive. Many animals are not lucky enough to have a place to call home at all, and wander our streets and countryside, scavenging and preying on wildlife.





In Jamaica, our biggest problems with animals are:

Strays (dogs, cows, goats)

Overbreeding (overpopulation)

Medical Treatment costs for spay and neuter, injuries, tick flea and worm treatment, as well as preventable diseases like parvo which require immunization.

Feral (wild) cats

Neglect, Abuse, Abandonment (including racehorses)

Humane Education

The Animal House Jamaica needs your help to improve the conditions for animals in our communities. We operate the only animal shelter on the entire northcoast, and one of only two in Jamaica.

Your donation makes the difference. The Animal House Jamaica picks up and accepts stray, injured, abandoned, neglected and abused animals providing food, shelter and medical care - then finds them permanent, safe and loving homes.

c/o P.O.Box 775
Ocho Rios, Jamaica WI